A platform for creating a beautiful, fashion forward lifestyle.

The Beauty Exchange, aka TBX, is a Melbourne based brand that has been designed and engineered to deliver a complete collection of chic, but functional beauty tools that inspire an exciting, fashion-forward lifestyle. We want the world of beauty to be inspiring, exciting and empowering, and we invite everyone to join our Clique.

At TBX, we saw a need for simple beauty tools that don’t compromise on quality. Ever wondered why the tools that make us beautiful are the ugliest things in our bathrooms? We did. Every implement and accessory has been specifically designed to fit seamlessly into a beautiful lifestyle. No tweezer shame here! Also, we want women all around the world to enjoy every minute of every day, without wasting any time searching for what they need! TBX was developed so that you can have everything you need, all in one place.

We also felt the need for a brand that connects with its customers, and empowers them to be “in the know”. Don’t know why there are different types of foundation brushes? Don’t stress, we have all felt the same way. Confused about the four sides to a buffer cube, or what the hell a ferrule is? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We will give you continual updates on what is trending, how to create looks, the best places to travel, and all the background info that will inspire and empower you, both in beauty and lifestyle.

Being in the Clique at TBX isn’t just a one way thing. You’ve got to give us something back. We want to see what you find beautiful and we want your insights into what you think is trending. Tag us @tbxbeauty or #tbxbeauty to have your insights featured on our page.

Got questions you want answered? Let us know via email at [email protected]. Being in the Clique isn’t just about us telling you what we think, It is working as a team to bring everyone up to speed, and inspire each other to live beautiful lives.