It may be hard to believe, but we've narrowed our collection down to just five makeup brushes. Yep, just five. These are the brushes we truly can't live without. Whether stuck on a desert island, travelling with only a carry-on (the horror!) or getting ready in just five minutes, these brushes are our multi-purpose magicians that make our lives that little bit easier.

Foundation Makeup Brush:

The foundation of your beauty arsenal. Before applying your foundation, use the TBX Foundation Makeup Brush to apply your moisturiser or primer. Then simply pump your liquid or cream foundation onto the back of your hand and run the foundation brush through evenly. For a super natural foundation application, start at the centre of the face and work your way out towards the hairline. And don't skip your neck!

kabuki makeup brush essentials

Kabuki Makeup Brush:

The jack of all trades. Combine the TBX Kabuki Brush with any powder product and it can be used for just about everything. You can use it on your face, or on your body. To blend, or to contour. To stay matte or to glow. Just make sure you clean it before switching products - a light spritz of our Brush Cleaner will do the trick.

Eyeshadow Makeup Brush:

The master blender. Our versatile TBX Eyeshadow Brush can be used to create a multitude of different eye looks. Use it to create an all-over shadow, or for intricate crease-work, or simply as a blending brush. Its generous size means it can also double as a setting brush.

Brow Definer Makeup Brush:

The expert. The TBX angled brow brush is your go-to for applying natural looking strokes into your eyebrows, and for evenly applying eyebrow powder. Plus its short, stiff bristles allow it to double as an eyeliner brush. Perfect for winging your winged liner.

Eyebrow Makeup Brush:

The tamer. Use the bristled brush side to shape your brows and to blend in any brow colour, then use the solid comb side to brush any stray eyebrow hairs into place or to evenly distribute mascara through your lashes. As simple as that.

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