If the bra don’t fit, don’t wear it.

The same goes for your makeup. Start sizing up your foundation based on your skin type.

Your skin shouldn’t just dictate the skincare saviours you keep in your beauty cabinet. Choosing the texture, quality & purpose of your makeup based on your skin type can help you give your skin a natural luminance and get the most out of your products for an airbrushed face minus the flower crown filter.

You lucky thing. Normal skin gives you the biggest range of options when choosing your foundation. Choose the level of coverage you’d like, then experiment with both matte and luminous foundations until you find your perfect fit. When selecting your tool to match, a brush with synthetic fibres will feel soft and fluffy against your face, a tapered end will give you full coverage in all the hard spots like around your nose. The Foundation Brush will lay out your flawless groundwork whether you’re using a liquid foundation or a light BB Cream.

Create a flawless mattified face that won’t let oil seep through with a long-wear matte finish liquid foundation. For best results use a Stippling Brush to press in your makeup before blending. Using a stippling technique will help avoid your foundation’s pigment from soaking up your skin’s oils. Your makeup will blend smoothly and stop any chance of a T zone oil spill throughout the day.

Nothing highlights dry skin like botched foundation application. Choose a lightweight liquid or cream based foundation with hydrating elements and blend with the Foundation Buffing Brush. Blend your foundation with this tool in a circular buffing motion to literally buff away any dry flakes to create a polished base. For extra smooth makeup application, lightly exfoliate your skin first.

If you have sensitive skin, choose a super lightweight cream or gel foundation and top it off with a full coverage concealer. To avoid irritating your skin while applying choose natural brush fibres as they tend to be softer on the skin and will gently sweep your makeup in place. The Powder Brush’s natural bristles were designed for powder products and will waste minimum product. Spritzing your face with rose water will also help to calm your skin & create a dewy glow at the same time.

Selfie filters eat your heart out.