blonde to brunette

TRANSFORM [trans-fawrm- ] to change in form or appearance; metamorphose.

Illegally Blonde? Check Off This List Before Evolving from Brunette to Blonde. Unfortunately, not all of us have the Kardashian resources to pull a full blown hair transformation overnight. The first note to make when considering the rebirth of your hair colour is not to try this on your own. WE REPEAT, do not try on your own! Tick off this list before calling your hairdresser.

  1. Research: Chat with your hairdresser about the shades you love, and make sure they match your complexion to avoid a tone that washes you out.
  2. $$$: Consider that your hair transformation may take months, or even years before you reach your dream blonde. Not to mention the up keep once you get there. Gradual is key, so budget for multiple appointments.
  3. Adjust your Beauty Palette: A new hair colour may clash with your go-to makeup shades and that favourite black cardi you take everywhere. The upside? You’ll have a new palette to experiment with and a legit excuse to buy more makeup (as if you needed one).
  4. After the dying process a conditioning hair mask will restore hydration (yay) but to hold the colour, you won’t be able to wash your hair for a week (come again?). You’ll also have to ease up on the heat styling tools to prevent breakage, and use a soft brush such as the Detangler Brush to prevent your hair from going brittle.

Still want to go blonde but not sure about the commitment? Keep your natural root to allow less time maintenance and more dollars in the bank. #blondehairdontcare