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FOUNDATION [foun-dey- shuh n] the basis or groundwork, a natural base which structure rests.

So you’ve got the top tools and the best product, but you still can’t seem to nail that flawless finish? We feel your pain. Not all foundation brushes are created equal. If you want to achieve airbrushed skin you’ll need to select your makeup brush based on your foundation choice.


  1. Pour a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand.
  2. Apply to the centre of the face and blend outwards. Use broad, downward strokes to sweep and blend the makeup onto the nose, forehead, cheeks and chin.
  3. Use the tapered edge of the brush to blend into areas like the corners of the nose, hairline and around the eyes and mouth.


  1. Swirl the brush to pick up the foundation, tapping off any excess powder.
  2. Brush onto your face in a downwards motion, starting from the centre of your face.
  3. To blend the powder, brush over your face in circular motions to avoid patches and hard lines.

foundation vs stippling brush

Foundation Brush                                    Stippling Brush