how to top know hair style

KNOT [not] an interlacing, twining, looping, etc. Material folded upon itself and used as an ornament.

We’re thanking celebs like Kendall Jenner and Poppy Delevingne for turning a practical summer hairstyle into the ultimate cool girl look. Worn day or night, the top-knot/man- bun exudes impromptu glamour, and saves you the bother of hot and heavy hair in steamy weather.

1. Using the Anti-Static Comb, tease a large section at the crown for some texture, then secure with a hair tie.

how to top know bun 2

2. Tease the pony with the Anti-Static Comb to give your bun some oomph.

how to top knot bun 3

3. Twist the pony tail and wrap around the hair tie at the crown of your head. (The higher the bun, the better).

How to tie top know bun 2

4. Secure with bobby pins to create a messy look that will stay in place.

how to tie top knot hair style

Your hair is now looking top knotch.

How to tie a top knot bun 4