natrual vs synthetic makeup brushes

BASICS [bey-siks] the essential facts or principles of a subject, the fundamentals.

No clue what the difference between synthetic and natural makeup brushes are? You’re not alone.

The composition of your brush’s hair is actually just as important as the makeup itself when it comes to achieving your ideal look - so we've put together some basics to help you choose your perfect makeup brush.

Natural animal hair:

Made from: Goat, sable or badger hair. Great for: applying powder. Why? The structure of animal hair fibres pick up and put down powders perfectly for a beautifully even application.

Synthetic brushes:

Made from: Synthetic fibres such nylon and polyester. Great for: applying liquid or cream products. Why? Synthetic fibres don’t absorb as much product as natural fibers, so there is little wastage and a great amount of coverage. Synthetic bristles also tend to gravitate towards each other resulting in a smoother surface – making them ideal for looks requiring precision.

natural vs synthetic makeup brushes

Stippling Brush - Synthetic                                    Precision Powder Brush - Natural