best hair brush for your hair type

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You don’t use the same brush to apply foundation as you do eyeshadow, so why do you use that one same brush on your hair?

Turns out, caring for straight hair isn’t always straightforward, and knowing how to brush and comb curly hair can be quite a curly question. We’ve narrowed down the when, what and how of hair care habits that you need to start ASAP.


Hair fresh out of the shower is prone to breakage, so brushing immediately after is a no-no. Use the Detangler Brush during your shower instead, and work your way through the knots for tangle-free hair.


Unruly hair, meet your maker. Using the Paddle hairbrush, separate your hair into three sections and brush from the bottom layer up to prevent snapping the follicle. This wide surface brush will seek out any knots hiding beneath.


Not simply limited to styling and teasing, Anti-Static Styling Combs are perfect for keeping hair under control. For curly hair, comb through while damp to avoid that layer of frizz hovering over your hair. For straight hair, the anti-static will smooth out your mane and banish fly-aways.


Give your hair optimal air flow when styling under heat by using a vent brush. Use for voluminous body and sultry movement. Hello luxurious locks, buh-bye breakage.

best hair brush for your hair type