Tips For Storing Your Makeup Brushes image

STORAGE [stor-age] a capacity or space reserved for goods.

What if we told you that you were slowly killing your makeup brushes? Leaving your makeup brushes crammed together in a claustrophobic bag, abandoned at the bottom of your bathroom draw, or even exposed over your makeup bench can lead to damaging the bristles. Give your brushes the love they deserve with these tips:

Every day:

Store brushes separately on your TBX Clique (above) to avoid product residue mixing between them. DO NOT cram them all in a bag or draw where they could get damaged (please).

After washing:

Hang your brushes inside or outside of your TBX magnetic clique. This will keep the bristles in shape, and help them dry quickly, reducing bacteria growth.



If you love to travel like we do, keeping your brushes safe and protected is a MUST. Use the TBX plate and case for on the go. The case will protect your brush heads, and the plate means that you can store them (And show them off), wherever you may be!

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