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SLEEK [sleek] smooth, glossy, well-groomed, or suave.

Hollywood glam with a modern edge, the swept away trend is the perfect after dark look for balmy nights. Showcase your features and exude confidence with our steps below.

  1. Spray damp roots with a texture spray before you blow dry.
  2. Using the Paddle Hair Brush, blow dry your hair up at the roots, away from your face for volume.
  3. Tease the crown for height using the Anti-Static Styling Comb
  4. Pin back the hair using bobby pins, keeping the crown high and use a straightener to smooth out your strands.
  5. Lift the top back up with the Anti-Static Styling Comb to create the amount of height you would like.
  6. Finish off with a strong-hold hairspray.