Jetsetters inflight beauty routine

PACK [pak] to store goods in compact form, as for transportation or storage

Winter is officially reaching peak chill, and we're not coping with hibernating inside our heated walls. But rather than wishing away the cold weather, we prefer to pack our own bags and join the Northern hemisphere’s sun. Whether you’re reaching for your beach hats and bikinis, or trying to stay warm dreaming about the idea, we’re helping you pull out your carry-on essentials from your beauty bag.


The Complexion Blender Sponge:

The Complexion Blender’s talent in creating a flawless face has more potential than simple foundation blending. Flying with a full face of makeup can suffocate your skin. Hit the tarmac with a glowing face by using this blender to apply a CC cream or tinted moisturiser, cream blush and SPF. If you succumbed to the red eye flight, use it to apply moisturiser or serums and wake up with hydrated skin.

Titanium Brow Tamer Tweezers & Brow Definer Brush:

After stepping off a 20 hour flight, your eyebrows could be pointing in any direction. The Titanium Brow Tamer Tweezers will cost you zero space in your carry-on but are a huge hero when it comes to quick eyebrow shaping. Worse than bushy brows is waking up with your face pressed into the adjacent chair and finding your full brows are no more. Keeping your brows filled with the Brow Definer Brush will have your face looking fresh, minus the effort of a full makeup routine.

Detangler Hair Brush:

This brush’s size is perfect for handbag portability. Smooth out your strands and unwind your travel pillow tangles. If the plane seats have your hair in a wild rut, use the Detangler to smooth your hair into a sleek and shiny pony.

Photo credit: Sara Donaldson (@harperandharley)

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