nail file

STRENGTH [ strengkth] power of resisting force, firmness, or vigour.

Do you ever get that feeling like your nails are plotting against you? You nurture them to your dream length and then out of the blue, one decides to snag of everything you touch until it breaks off, just like a piece of your heart.

Show your nails who’s boss by putting them through this anti-breakage boot camp:

  1. The first step to nail recovery is accepting that your nails need help. Repeat after us: "My nails need help."
  2. Congratulations, you’ve made it to step 2. You'll now want to remove any polish or shellac that remains on your nails.
  3. Take your TBX nail clippers and clip each nail into an even shape, trying to keep them all the same length.
  4. Now, with your TBX glass nail file or emery boards, file the nails into a smooth shape, making sure you only stroke them in one direction, not back and forth, as this can weaken the nail. Take care not to file too much on the outside edges of the nails, as this can also cause weakness as the nail grows out. You might want to go for more of a square shape for maximum nail strength.
  5. Give your nails some extra armour by painting on a coat of nail strengthener.
  6. Upkeep your freshly groomed nails by continuing to apply a cuticle oil daily.

You are now on the road to nail recovery!

Strengthen your nails