nail polish for your complexion

COMPLEXION [kuh m-plek- shuh n] the natural colour, texture and appearance of the skin.

Ever admired how black nails look understated and chic, until you try it for yourself and it comes out looking gothic and drab? Just like your lippy, nail polish shades complement different skin tones differently. To pick the perfect colour know your undertone. Cool undertones look pink or blue, while warm undertones are golden or olive. Check your skin colouring in natural light then read on to discover your ultimate mani hue.


Your ideal mani is in colours like golden browns, deep berry, bright red, pale pink and warm black.

red nail polish


Your ideal mani is in colours like nude, rosy pastels, blue-based reds, frosty silvers, and crimson.

cool undertones

Still not confident you’ve chosen the right shade? The base of lip hues which match your complexion will normally work for your mani too.