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Whether you’ve bunkered down for the winter months or you’re MIA jetsetting to distant locations, your workout is one part of your daily routine that goes everywhere with you. We’ve narrowed down the essentials to pack in your gym bag this winter, because summer bods are created in the cold months.


The Jetsetter Weekend Bag:

Whether it’s your cosmetics case, travel luggage or handbag essentials, the hardest part of packing any bag is choosing what goes in and what stays out. The Jetsetter Weekend bag has a special compartment for your shoes, your tech pieces, your beauty needs & your laundry, making it perfect for keeping your sweat sesh separate from your fresh clothes for the day ahead.

Hair Heroes:

A stash of hair ties and bobby pins are always crucial when hitting the gym to stop as much hair from bouncing over your face as possible. This will improve the damage control of sweaty hair post workout. If you don’t have time to wash your hair after your session, dry shampoo is your new best friend. Spray your roots and let it sit for at least two minutes before brushing out with the Detangler Brush to restore your hair to its smooth pre-workout self.

Skin Saviours:

Does your blotchy, pink face envy those girls who walk out of the gym with a glowing, even complexion? We know their secret and we’re willing to share. The mix of the dry winter chill, indoor heating and harsh gym fans is probably making your skin red and flaky. After your workout refresh your skin with a splash of cleanser, then use body butter and a heavy duty day cream to rehydrate your skin. Then use your beauty blender to swipe on a mixture of tinted moisturiser and illuminating primer for a glow that won’t suffocate your pores after a workout.

Sweet Scents:

A given, but still worthwhile to note, deodorant should always take a prime spot in your gym bag. If you’re heading to brunch after your workout like the rest of your Pilates classmates, a roll-on perfume will mask even the slightest trace of your aerobic activity. With these gym bag weapons you’ll never leave your workout looking like a downward facing dog, that’s for the yoga studio’s eyes only.

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